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Retro Beyond Skin Deep

Its taken a few sleepless nights, the sale of a couple of much loved bikes, and a significant amount of patience, but it has all been worth it, because this evening I collected my 2017 Triumph Bobber from the local Dealer. Spotting my new bike in the Centre of the showroom caused my already overworked heart to go into overdrive, it couldn’t decide between skipping beats, or running at 200 beats a minute, so it did both. This bike is simply Beautiful. Triumph have taken the concept of “Retro” to…

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Happy BobberDay

My Bobber is now so close I can almost smell the leather on the Triumph Signature Leather Seat….. She arrived with the dealer this morning, and will hopefully, as I write, will be undergoing the process of being unpacked and assembled using the accessories that will make her mine. Today being my Birthday, makes this an extra special occasion. I won’t say how many years, but it is a Milestone. If everything lines up, I should be able to put my first kilometres on the Bobber tomorrow, and a then…

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Pink Burnouts

Whilst I sit here and drum my fingers and wait for the Bobber to turn Up (Hurry Up Triumph, its not that far from the UK to Perth…..) I have been reading Facebook a little too much. This article popped up when friend of mine shared it with me on, its well worth a read… I’d normally like to write my own features, but this was too good to pass up. Click the link below to read..

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International Female Ride Day – “JUST RIDE!©”

The next International Female Ride Day is not too far away. If you know of an event near you, drop me a line if you would like to report on that event for Two Wheels N Heels. Over the next week or so I will contact the organisers and see if I can find out a little more about the Worldwide event, but in the meantime this is from the Official Facebook page :- International Female Ride Day© is a global campaign for women motorcyclists who own, ride or have…

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Ladies Who Lunch (after a decent ride)

I’m just back home after a lengthy day in the saddle having enjoyed some time in the company of the Ladies from WAWMR. After an early start, where, I am not ashamed to admit, my heated seat and grips were turned on full, I pointed the bike North and got going. As arranged I met with a couple of other ladies on the way into Perth, one of whom I had agreed to shadow for the duration of the ride. We all arrived at the ride starting point in plenty…

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Help Us Triumph at the World Record Attempt

Late last year the World Record for the largest number of Triumph Motorcycles was established in the U.K. This was in response to an earlier attempt to set the record in Western Australia, by the irrepressible Triumph enthusiast Lorin Sole. Much time and effort has gone into preparing another attempt to set the record, where it belongs of course, back here in WA. The end result of all this enthusiasm from Mr. Sole, is a Festival Of Triumph Motorcycles that is scheduled to take place in the Shire of York…

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Rally Call for Triumph RATS

The Dates and key events for the Annual Triumph Riders Association (RAT) Rally have been released and I for one am very tempted. I am already imagining that a steady ride across the Nullarbor on my New Triumph Bobber in the company of some like minded riding ladies, would be a great way to run the new machine in. The lively party at the end of the Journey may be just the motivation we need, to get ourselves moving. The RAT Rally that runs from the 7th to the 9th…

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Emotional Upgrade.

My Indian Roadmaster Lola and I have now covered more than 30,000 km, and I decided she needed a bit of a treat… Its worth pointing out all of my bikes have names. Before I took deliver of her, Lola was the only two tone Roadmaster in Australia and as such, she was proudly displayed by Indian Australia at several shows in the Eastern States. So this Roadmaster was a Show Girl…Therefore, Lola was an obvious name… It was fortunate that my desire to lavish some TLC on Lola, neatly…

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Icon Merc Shaguar Jacket – Review

You can never have too many motorcycle jackets, so when the opportunity came along to purchase this incredibly striking Jacket from Icon it didn’t take me long to accept. It makes for a welcome alternative to the plethora of branded Black, Brown and Tan Leather Jackets hanging in my wardrobe, all of which are generally speaking far too hot for WA Summer wear. The jacket is really well designed and assembled. The material is soft, light and strong, and there is “ballistic protection armour” in all the right places. Its…

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