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My name is Suzanne and I have been riding motorcycles for more years than I am prepared to admit here…

I don’t just ride them, I also write about them, photograph them, I build them, and when time allows, I occasionally polish them.

Since I started writing in my early twenties, I have published features and articles in a number of Motorcycle magazines  all over the world, including many titles that will be familiar to Australian, UK and American readers such as  Heavy Duty, American Vee, OzBike, BSH, Motorcycle News , Bike and of course my latest feature in a new magazine called Spirit of 1901.

Bike wise I have a life long enthusiasm for two of the oldest Motorcycle Brands on the Planet, Indian and Triumph. I own one of the first Indian 111 bikes into Australia, as well as a Roadmaster that is my daily transport. I am also currently working on restoring a 1962 Triumph that I called a Bonniebird, because she is mix of Bonneville and Thunderbird. The story of that restoration is here…

Last year I crossed Australia twice on a Motorcycle, including one trip in Ural Sidecar Outfit that was far more fun than I expected.

As well as allowing me to explore my passion for motorcycles and photographer, I’m looking to develop this site as a hub for delivering relevant  news as it happens as well as publishing features, product reviews  and articles relevant to Women riders.