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Indian Tasmania – Leonie Reports

Saturday 22nd July heralded the entry of the newest Australian Indian Motorcycle dealership. The doors opened in Hobart, Tasmania, headed up by Shaun Kelly, a biker with strong roots in our motorcycling community and a third- generation motorcycle business owner. He has provided decades of service to V-twin riders.
Over 500 supporters came through the door, local personalities and our lovely Jen Butler, Labour candidate for Lyons, officiated the ceremony. It was awesome!! That is the official part, but I am here to say that Indian couldn’t do better than this man and his team.
Before bringing Tux, my 2016 Scout Limited Edition, home he has assured me that all our needs will be met. He is a precise, talented mechanic and fabricator, a bit of a larrikin and savvy to boot. He is also quick. Very, very quick !
He asked for a hand organising the grand opening and I suddenly moved from NICU nurse to event planner in an hour. I took calls while completing my wall sits at the gym and that experience was rather awful. I have never wanted to get off the phone more. I took more while feeding my child that almost choked so I could silence his tantrum. I worked day and night, and threw in almost 70 hours of ni
ght duty nursing into that time. And between me and his team we threw a great party, because that’s what we do.
And it was worth it. We pulled off a corporate opening for a dealership of a multi-national, multi billion dollar iconic motorcycle company in ten days. And the community here made it happen.
The motorcycling community in Tasmania is so strong that people worked endlessly to help, rode for hundreds of kilometres to attend and shared their most precious possession to ensure success.
Attendees represented the entire community, including a huge presence from our veterans from the Military Brotherhood MMC. It is an inclusive community and I am so lucky to belong to it. Our VIPs were a 1927 Ace Four, a 1928 101, a 1929 101 and a 1930 Rudge speedway bike. True gentlemen and ladies of motorcycling times gone by. After much effort, hearing the Scouts fire up was truly inspiring, but an effort that would likely break my hip. The sound is just beautiful and filled my soul. It sounded like history.
Shaun wanted classic American, so we had great coffee, red velvet cakes and brownies, and gorgeous creole BBQ, complete with the pickled jalapeno. Hot, hot, hot! Some Bud and Miller too. And live music that was perfect for the occasion. All demolished and appreciated!!!!
Indian Motorcycle Tasmania was lucky enough to be the presenters of the Shannon Insurance Scout from the Black Dog Ride prize. Photos ensued, the stock Scout was fired up, and then one of those larrikin moments happened. The tone of the engine changed and I suddenly realised that Shaun had taken our ceremonial cutting of the ribbon and fired her up. Suddenly, I was rushing to a microphone to introduce the star attraction of the day.
Hidden in the back workshop was ANGRY SCOUT, or THE LOUT! A modified Scout with several cosmetic changes and a new, brutal Freedom exhaust system. Out he rode and he presented her with a full circle and burnout…BETWEEN THE 101’s!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously dude???????????
It was awesome. SO AWESOME!!! In my mind, I did a little happy dance, while I tried to look marginally cool. Didn’t……! Those who knew me saw.
(Edit: video shows it didn’t just stay in my mind…least cool biker ever!)
As the MC for the day, I was like a duck paddling against a current. And I loved it. I live for a decent challenge and a great party. I have also been invited to lead the Indian riders group for Tasmania. I am
so happy in this place. I have loved Indian bikes for so long, ever since, and maybe before, I saw my first at Daytona Bike Week in 1993. I am proud of this weekend and that I could offer a little to make it pleasurable. I think the photos will be more eloquent than I. For I celebrated the success incredibly well, so they say…without the grace of my gorgeous Tux….
Lone –

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