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Mothering and Motorcycling – Introducing Leonie…

I’m delighted to introduce a new contributor to the Two Wheels N Heels Site.

I met Leonie online as we discovered a shared enthusiasm for the first of the  Indian Scout Limited Editions, that we both purchased.

I’m really pleased that Leonie is keen to share some of her passion and love of riding, and her first contribution “Mothering and Motorcycling” is below. Welcome aboard Leonie…..

Over to you.

Suzanne has kindly allowed me to pillion on this ride.

Being a biker is awesome for so many reasons. In my world it is mainly because I am a mother. I am aware that probably sounds a bit unpleasant, but I’ll explain.

I am a nurse to babies and children, a mother of five, adults down to a 5yo, I even have foster kittens. Most of my adult life has been about raising babies, nurturing them and as I have discovered, being the only one they truly trust in their world. It’s a huge call, right ladies?

I used to ride when I was young, it was my passion. Then I met my first husband who disapproved, so I rode less. I became pregnant and did … ‘the right thing’. I stopped riding. After all, I had to be safe and sensible for my kids. That’s what good mothers do.

It turned out to be a very poor choice, but I didn’t even realise until three years ago when I threw my leg over an Italian beauty and proceeded to drop her unceremoniously on a city corner. Damn that hurt, but not riding had hurt me so much more.

I had spent 18 years with a tiny nugget of resentment inside me directed solely, albeit unfairly, at my beautiful children. It was their fault I was not fulfilled, that I had no time for myself, that all I did was work for their needs, never my own. I didn’t even know I was thinking it, because I was that self-righteous, all-suffering mother that did everything with equanimity and a shitload of wine. I was not the best mother I could be.

A few days ago I attained my full motorcycle license for the second time. I can leave my kids to their own devices and go for a ride. I often go out for a quick latte … 200kms away, gliding around corners on my gorgeous Indian Scout, feeling free… mostly of that resentment that riding again identified and eliminated. It feels so good and I’m a much better mother for being myself, and giving myself permission to take time out.

Motherhood, personal development, me … it’s the journey, not the destination. Preferably on two wheels.



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