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Retro Beyond Skin Deep

Its taken a few sleepless nights, the sale of a couple of much loved bikes, and a significant amount of patience, but it has all been worth it, because this evening I collected my 2017 Triumph Bobber from the local Dealer.

Spotting my new bike in the Centre of the showroom caused my already overworked heart to go into overdrive, it couldn’t decide between skipping beats, or running at 200 beats a minute, so it did both.

This bike is simply Beautiful.

Triumph have taken the concept of “Retro” to the next level. I know many will not agree, but the Bobber is so much more than just a nod towards the custom machines of the fifties. The attention to detail the designers have built into the 2017 Bobber, literally brings the past to life, but with a modern 1200cc Liquid Cooled Motor. “It even sounds like a real Bonnie !” exclaimed one of my friends who knows a thing or two about the pre 1960s Trumpys.

First impressions on the fifty kilometre ride home are of a stable, comfortable bike, with an incredibly sweet clutch, and enough stomp to get off the line quicker than the proverbial scolded cat. I’m not exactly sure how fast that is, and RSPCA rules will prevent me from finding out, but hopefully I can come up with a more meaningful, and less well used analogy in time for the a proper feature.

Over the next few days I will rack up some distance on the bike and put together a full review, along with some photos showing just how good a job the Triumph have done with this bike.

In the meantime, I’m going to read the handbook, and pick a route or two for the weekend…

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One thought on “Retro Beyond Skin Deep

  1. So, updating an oldie but a goodie… life begins at fifty?! ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY… I so hope your new bike brings you so much joy that it chases away some of the recent murky bits 🙂

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