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Ladies Who Lunch (after a decent ride)

I’m just back home after a lengthy day in the saddle having enjoyed some time in the company of the Ladies from WAWMR.

After an early start, where, I am not ashamed to admit, my heated seat and grips were turned on full, I pointed the bike North and got going. As arranged I met with a couple of other ladies on the way into Perth, one of whom I had agreed to shadow for the duration of the ride. We all arrived at the ride starting point in plenty of time for a good chat with the small and friendly group already gathered in the Servo car park.

Riders arrived on a variety of machines, and although I didn’t count them up, I am fairly certain that Triumph seemed to be the most popular choice today, with a few Bonnies, and a couple of Speed Triples.

From that first meeting point we got away, exactly as scheduled on the stroke of ten, and from there the ride ran like clockwork. As we headed roughly South, on some of the quieter routes, I took stock of how great it felt to be sharing my passion for motorcycling with such a great bunch of Ladies, all of whom were equally keen riders. The group stayed together even through a good section of “twisties”, where the Ladies who wanted to press on enjoyed some well executed and spirited riding.

The only real challenge was with one of the riders gorgeous little Sportster, that appeared to be moulting a few parts here and there. Nothing however that she couldn’t deal with.

Lunch was filled with banter and discussion of some the events that are scheduled for the next couple of months.

The WAWMR runs regular events, dinner evenings, charity events, and even a full on Christmas Dinner where everyone gets to see what you look like without helmet hair and bug splattered cheeks.

By the time I parked my bike on the drive, I had notched up around 550 kms, so a good day of riding, and hopefully the start of some new friendships.

So a sincere “Thank you” from me to the members and guests of WAWMR who made today such fun.

Hope to see you soon !!!

P.S. Special Thanks to Rachette Connor, just one of the many characters I met today, for allowing me to use her Photo here.

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