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Help Us Triumph at the World Record Attempt

Late last year the World Record for the largest number of Triumph Motorcycles was established in the U.K.

This was in response to an earlier attempt to set the record in Western Australia, by the irrepressible Triumph enthusiast Lorin Sole.

Much time and effort has gone into preparing another attempt to set the record, where it belongs of course, back here in WA.

The end result of all this enthusiasm from Mr. Sole, is a Festival Of Triumph Motorcycles that is scheduled to take place in the Shire of York on April the 1st and 2nd 2017.

There is a catch…..

You need to register. In order to make this a legitimate attempt, we have to have names and registrations. Its not difficult, and its not expensive, and its certainly not going to be the most fun thing you do today. But it will secure you a place at an historic event celebrating the Marque we all love !!!!

Click Here…. —> Just Book Already

Do it now, or Lorin will come round to your house and turn your Trumpys into Hondas for evermore.

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