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Spirit of 1901

Before I started my new life here in the South West of Western Australia I lived in the UK, where I had chance to work with a number of great Editors, Publishers and Writers.

One of my regular contacts there recently kickstarted a brand new publication dedicated to Indian Motorcycles called “Spirit of 1901.”

For those of us passionate about Indian, This is an exciting new venture, and I have been talking to him about not only providing some features and photographs, but also about circulating the magazine here in Australia where the passion for Indian Motorcycles appears to be growing daily.

There is the usual mix of news, reviews and features, but all focused on the Indian Marque. The production values are high, with great quality printing and gorgeous photos from cover to cover, of course I may be biased, because in this issue my review of the Roadmaster is given twelve pages.

Moving forwards Spirit of 1901 aims to cover the full range of Indian Motorcycles so readers can enjoy features covering bikes from the Springfield era, right up to date with the regular news from the new Indian Motorcycle Corporation.

The magazine is a handbag friendly A5 format, although I am sure that wasn’t the intention, it is nice to be able to have something good to read that is easy to slip into your bag.

Check out the new website here….

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