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New Indian Models

Rumours are beginning to circulate, of three new Indian Motorcycles.

Roadmaster Classic
Chieftan Elite
Chieftan Limited

If these names turn out to be related to real models, I will confess that the news leaves me feeling a little disappointed.

When the Indian brand was first relaunched by Polaris there were several quotes from senior members of the Indian design team, assuring us that “Nothing was off limits,” and that “Indian Motorcycles was not going to be constrained by the history or heritage.” But so far, we have only seen Big Vee Twins, heaps of Valanced guards and the impressive, but hobbled Scout, that is hampered by the appalling stock suspension package. Don’t get me wrong, I have two 111 based bikes, and I owned a Scout for nearly a year, but I yearn to see the innovation and design flair that I know Polaris are capable of.

On the face of it, the model range appears fairly comprehensive, starting with the Scout, and working up to the beautifully finished and well equipped Roadmaster. However there is a bit of smoke and mirrors work going on here.

Surely there are only so many ways you can present the 111 Chief Platform. The modular approach they are taking at the moment with different models being essentially variations on the same Engine and Frame platform wearing different amounts of Leather or Fibreglass, with differing amounts of fork rake must have finite limits.

When I first heard the rumour of new models, I was excited, especially in the light of the recent announcement about Victory production ceasing. I envisaged that Indian would leverage the tooling and experience from their Sister brand and we would see a move from the Heritage styling of the existing 111 Platform to something more radical, sporty, or even a bike without a Vee Twin motor…..

I guess it will be some time before we get to see the bikes behind the new names, and so maybe I can still hope that some of that early promise will begin to creep into the model line up. I hope so…..

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