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Icon Merc Shaguar Jacket – Review

You can never have too many motorcycle jackets, so when the opportunity came along to purchase this incredibly striking Jacket from Icon it didn’t take me long to accept.

It makes for a welcome alternative to the plethora of branded Black, Brown and Tan Leather Jackets hanging in my wardrobe, all of which are generally speaking far too hot for WA Summer wear.

The jacket is really well designed and assembled. The material is soft, light and strong, and there is “ballistic protection armour” in all the right places.

Its the first time I have worn a Motorcycle Jacket with a hood, and initially I thought this would make the jacket feel odd, especially with a helmet on, however I am delighted to report the hood is unobtrusive and may one day prove useful, even in Scorching WA.

I’ve been wearing her for the last few weeks, where, the temperature has been climbing steadily, and regularly into the high thirties (>90F) and as yet, it has not become uncomfortably hot, there are a couple of vents for getting the air moving around and these are really effective.

Other neat features have been incorporated ensuring the jacket is really comfortable, such as the vented underarm areas, slots for passing headphone cords through and the thumb loops at the cuffs.

The bold part Tiger, part Jaguar (Shaguar) animal print is fun and makes for and usually stylish motorcycle Jacket, that has become my go to riding wear. I may even order the matching gloves and helmet just to make sure I’m a visible as possible 🙂

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