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Emotional Upgrade.

My Indian Roadmaster Lola and I have now covered more than 30,000 km, and I decided she needed a bit of a treat…

Its worth pointing out all of my bikes have names. Before I took deliver of her, Lola was the only two tone Roadmaster in Australia and as such, she was proudly displayed by Indian Australia at several shows in the Eastern States. So this Roadmaster was a Show Girl…Therefore, Lola was an obvious name…

It was fortunate that my desire to lavish some TLC on Lola, neatly coincided with the arrival in Perth of our first official Victory and Indian dealer.

The Stage one pipes had been fitted since delivery giving the bike that trademark Indian sound, but I am sure I am not alone in wishing for just a little extra performance. The idea that the 111 motor is capable of delivering so much more has been a hotly discussed topic since day one.

The stock Air Cleaner is, if we are completely frank, a bit of an eyesore. It always reminds me of a Chrome Plated Tri Corn hat. It is fairly bulky, and obtrusive and aesthetically it really doesn’t do anything for the rest of the bike. It was therefore clearly a target for an upgrade, given the way I feel about it, making the call to the parts team at the dealership to place an order for a replacement air cleaner really wasn’t that hard, not as hard as paying for it of course…

The Indian Hi Flow Air Cleaner is a stunning alternative, being both reminiscent of the air cleaner fitted to the Springfield Era bikes as well as promising improved performance and a crisper throttle response.

Requesting installation of the Stage Two Cams took a little longer to process. I think this is because who really knows what 13% more power, or 7% more torque feels like. I certainly didn’t. It was a leap of faith, but it was Christmas and Lola needed a treat.

Dealing with Cams is odd. You are replacing some spinning round, pushing down type parts you have hopefully never seen, for some different spinning round pushing down parts which once you have paid for you really hope you never get to see again….

There is no new chrome, no new buttons to fiddle with, you just get a cardboard box with the original parts and a knowing smile from the engineer that says “Wait till you try this out !”

So with the Hi Flow Air Cleaner in place and looking stunning, the new Stage Two Cams spinning round and pushing down nicely, and a new Fuel Map in place, I climbed aboard and completely unintentionally left a 300 yard black tyre line through the expansive retail centre on the outskirts of Perth.

So that is what 7% more torque feels like….Nice….I quite like it.

It may be a cliche, but WOW, with zero expectations, such a pronounced change was completely intoxicating.

The extra power and torque seems to sit right where you need it at cruising speed. You can feel the difference throughout the rev range but, at cruising speed in top gear, its just perfect.

The bike feels so much happier, it really is an Emotional Upgrade for her. She also seems to be able to sense what I need.

If I have to get somewhere slightly quicker, Lola is equally as keen to get there too. The throttle responsiveness is like some kind of telepathic connection to the motor. Think overtake, and you already passed whatever it was.

In stock trim Lola and I covered tens of thousands of Kms quite happily.

With the upgrades in place we are both much happier….

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